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  1. Nov 2020
    1. Relevance of Technology Alliance for Diplo:

      • create Process page and start following - WHO?
      • strong focus on cybersecurity ||VladaR||
      • relevance for our standardisation project - WHO
      • add actors to DW - ||AndrijanaG||


    2. Summary of document

      • the main aim of a Technology Alliance is to counter fast tech growth of China; document contains detailed analysis of China's policies and approaches.
      • it focuses on supply chains (||VladaR||: potentially relevant for Geneva Dialogue; multilateral export control; new investement mechanisms ( ||TerezaHorejsova|| for various Geneva initiatives); standards (for Geneva-project).
      • Technology Alliance has a strong value-basis: promotion of democracy, the rule of law and respect for human rights.
      • 10 members are 'in'; others are considered; major dilemma is how to bring India in the Alliance.
      • risk of China taking western technologies via a few weak points: informal scientific/academic cooperation (||kat_hone|| this could be a reason for growing focus on new science diplomacy; Taiwan's semi-conductor industry which is easily accessed by Chinese tech companies and researchers.
      • how to define critical technologies among members of Alliance?
      • high relevance of digital standards, mentioning Geneva's organisation, and suggesting practical steps (e.g. funding delegations for standardisation bodies).
      • growing importance of open source solution + decoupling hardware from software as a way to counter-balance Huawei's lead in the field of 5G.


    3. regain the initiative in the global technology competition through strengthened cooperation between like-minded countries; protect and preserve key areas of competitive technological advantage; and promote collective norms and values around the use of emerging technologies.

      three main aims of technology alliance