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  1. Aug 2020
    1. But unless we’re very careful, AI systems won’t see that - they’ll just learn about the world as it is, with all its unfairness and inequality, not the world as we want it to be. And they’ll dedicate their intelligence to reproducing the past, not to creating a brighter future

      Principle of garbage in, garbage out. Inequalities and all.

    2. For instance, the BigMedilytics project – which is funded by the EU – has used AI to improve the treatment of some of the 15 million Europeans who live with heart failure

      AI for health

    3. The world’s data centres already account for as much carbon as flying does. And since the importance of data will only grow, we need to be willing to take decisive action, to deal with its effects on our climate and our environment.

      Data centres' carbon emissions as high as air travel

    4. Agricultural machinery can use AI to cut the use of pesticides, so farmers can produce more, with less effect on the environment

      Digital technology and agriculture

    5. digital technology can help us become the world’s first climate-neutral continent by 2050. Smart electricity grids can help to smooth the transition to renewable energy, by allowing us to adjust the electricity we use to what we produce, not the other way round

      Digital technology and climate

    6. digitisation must never be an excuse for companies to turn their backs on those workers, and deny them the security and the decent conditions they deserve. So we need to make sure that companies can’t escape their obligations to their staff, just by putting a platform between employers and workers

      Clearly against sharing economy platforms which seek to classify their workers as independent contractors

    7. divide, in the way that some tech companies seem to expect an exemption from the duties that bind our society together – paying tax, for example, or respecting workers’ rights.

      Another type of divide: between companies who know what their responsibilities are, and those who want to be exempted from 'duties that bind our society together', ex paying tax, respecting workers' rights... ||Jovan||