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  1. Sep 2020
    1. oppose mass surveillance against other States

      to US: re Snowden and other

    2. evidence-based manner

      to US: justify your speculations that Huawei is not secure

    3. We welcome governments, international organizations, ICT companies, technology communities, civil organizations, individuals and all other actors to make concerted efforts to promote data security under the principle of extensive consultation, joint contribution and shared benefits.

      Chinese call for multistakeholder data protection

    4. development and security

      Development component is emphasized in the security context. This buys support of various developing countries.

    5. data security

      Framing of cyber(in)security as data security. On one hand, disconnecting from other ongoing processes, which allows placing other items in; on the other - would it be also more appealing to the 'opponents' which raise security of data over 5G networks as the key concern?

    6. boosting users' confidence

      Indeed, user confidence in digital products and services is enhanced with secure and stable supply chain. Unexpected but well placed argument.

    7. new development of international division of labor

      Interesting phrase to support global supply chain and technological inter-dependence

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