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  1. Jan 2021
    1. Indeed worth reading, even if I found Joan's comments to be more valuable than the essay itself.

    2. continuing over-investment in military capabilities, a militarized permanent bureaucracy entrapped in an outmoded political imagination with a disposition that exaggerates security threats and under-invests in domestic infrastructure and social protection of its citizenry;

      As Eisenhower prophetically saw, the military-industrial complex has far too much power. And it has been made worse by the rise of data imperialism.

    3. a dilemma no recent American president has faced.

      Not true. All Présidents since at least Kennedy have faced this dilemma. But most chose to ignore it, creating the conditions leading to Trump. As a knowledgeable obserser puts the matter, if the Democrats continue to ignore the legitimate grievances of the Trump supporters, the next time they will elect someone who is not a clown.

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