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  1. Aug 2022
    1. For many years, this global internet served U.S. interests, and U.S. leaders often called for countries to embrace an open internet or risk being left behind. But this utopian vision became just that: a vision, not the reality. Instead, over time the internet became less free, more fragmented, and less secure. Authoritarian regimes have managed to limit its use by those who might weaken their hold and have learned how to use it to further repress would-be or actual opponents.

      A sobering thought: internet is not a mechanism of US foreign policy any more; rather, 'adversaries' are using it against US values more and more. Open internet is a utopia, it says.

    2. U.S. policies promoting an open, global internet have failed, and Wash-ington will be unable to stop or reverse the trend toward fragmentation.

      Fragmentation can not be prevented.

    3. Foreign Policy for a Fragmented Internet

      The title already signals what the paper confirms: US should/will accept that single internet is no more a reality.

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