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  1. Feb 2022
    1. It appears that the DNS is the only remaining part left of the “glue” that holds the Internet together and is now the defining medium of what is “the Internet.”

      ||VladaR|| It is important for getting web 3 right in the context of (de)centralisaton narratives which are often very manipulative. Currently the only tech-centralisaton element is DNS. But, does it make the Internet distributive. No, you have de facto centraliation on the usability level (concentration of data).

    2. Some Thoughts on DNS4EU – the European Commission’s Intention to Support the Development of a New European DNS Resolver

      ||VladaR||||StephanieBP||||AndrijanaG||||sorina|| Geoff is one of the best pen/mind in IG community. I started annotating this interesting article that provides explanation about the recent 'screaming' of ISOC and tech communities agains new EU attempt to have EU DNS Resolver. It is very interesting story.

      ||StephanieBP|| Once we sort out our thinking, we may involve EPFL people in discussion or event one event.

      I am also considering running 'just-in-time' course on this and other trend issue. More will follow.

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