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  1. Jul 2022
    1. Title: Resolution on Safeguarding Humanitarian Data

      Resolution on Safeguarding Humanitarian Data addresses the centrality of data for humanitarian actions. It reiterates previous initiatives and resolutions of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement.

      Here are a few key points from the resolution:

      • unauthorised access to data could undermine the principle of impartiality of humanitarian organisations;
      • states and other actors should respect humanitarian purpose of data;
      • work on a digital emblem as a sign to identify data of humanitarian organisations;
      • apply humanitarian principles online as it is done offline.

      Data breaches put humanitThe data breach against the Movement discovered this year has highlighted a growing trend in cyber-operations targeted at humanitarian organisations. Data breaches risk causing severe consequences for the people those organisations serve – those that are already among the most vulnerable. The Movement will reaffirm its commitment and responsibility to implement data protection rules and cyber security measures. It will also emphasize the urgency of protecting humanitarian data and send a call from the Movement to States and other actors to protect humanitarian organisations online as they do offline.

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