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  1. May 2023
    1. And I wanna come to you on music and content creation, because we’ve got a lot of songwriters and artists. Yeah. And a, I think we have the best creative community on the face of the Earth. They’re in Tennessee, and they should be able to decide if their copyrighted songs and images are going to be used to train these models. And I’m concerned about OpenAI’s jukebox. It offers some renditions in the style of Garth Brooks, which suggests that OpenAI is trained on Garth Brooks songs. I went in this weekend and I said, write me a song that sounds like Garth Brooks. And it gave me a different version of Simple Man. So it’s interesting that it would do that. But you’re training it on these copyrighted songs, these mini files, these sound technologies. So as you do this, who owns the rights to that AI generated material and using your technology, could I remake a song, insert content from my favorite artist, and then own the creative right to that song?

      Bring intellectual property into debate

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