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  1. Sep 2021
    1. Firstly, we are committed to Latin America and the Caribbean, a region with which we have very close ties. This year is the 30thanniversary of the firstIbero-American Summit, an anniversary in which we must consider both the immensechallenges caused bythe pandemic, and the internal displacement of hundreds ofthousands of people.
    2. Fulfilling the commitment that I announced during the Ibero-AmericanSummit earlier this year, Spain hasalready sent more than 7.5 million doses of vaccines, both throughCOVAXandbilaterally.Oftheremaining22.5milliondosesofvaccines that Spain will be donating in the coming months, I commit to send another 7.5milliondosesto Latin America andtheCaribbean.Because in tough times like these, Spain must stand shoulder to shoulder with the nations with which weshare so much.
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