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  1. Sep 2021
    1. Timor-Leste wishes to emphasize its commitment to the promotion and protection of women's rights. Timor-Leste has made extensive efforts to achieve gender equality, through Policies, Legislation and Programs that contribute to achieving this objective. Although we still face cases of gender-based violence and difficulties in accessing justice, Timor-Lesteis strongly committed to removing these obstacles from our path in order to achieve gender equality.
    2. CurrentlyTimor-Lestehasmadeconsiderableprogressintermsofcomplyingwithinternationalhumanrightsinstrumentsandreporting,anditfeelsincreasinglyconfidenttoparticipateindiscussionsanddecisionsonhumanrightsissue
    3. Timor-LesteappreciatestheeffortsinrevitalizingourOrganizationtoadjustwiththechallengesofourcurrentsituationandwereiterateourfullsupporttotheUnitedNationsSecurityCouncilreformtobetterreflectourcontemporaryworldandtoproperlyaddressglobalchallengesintheareasofPeace,SecurityandDevelopment.
    4. Timor-Leste maintains diplomatic relations with both Israel and Palestine, and it is our opinion that a lasting solution is only possible with the existence, side by side, of the State of Israel and the State of Palestine
    5. wereiterateonceagainourappealtotheSecretary-GeneraloftheUnitedNationsforhisSpecialEnvoyforWesternSaharatourgentlyreactivatethenegotiationprocessbetweenthePolisarioFrontandMorocco,andtoallowthepeopleofWesternSaharatoexercisetheirrighttoself-determination,basedontheCharteroftheUnitedNationsanditsrelevantresolutions
    6. Timor-LestewishestotakethisopportunitytourgetheUnitedNationstocommittotheworktheSpecialCommitteeonDecolonization(C-24)aimingatrealizingthedecolonizationoftheremaining17non-self-governingterritories,toenablingthosepeopleintheterritoriestoexercisetheirrightsforself-determination
    7. nthecaseofAfghanistan,Timor-Lestewouldalsoliketocallfortherespectoftherightsofwomen’srightandtherightsofAfghanpeopleandforeignerswhowishtoleavethecountry.
    8. InthespecificsituationofMyanmar,Timor-Lestewelcomestheregionalmechanismtoaddressthesecurityandsocioeconomicchallengesandappreciatesthe5-pointsconsensusadoptedbyASEANinitslastleaders’meeting
    9. WearealsoconcernedabouttheincreasingoftensionandconflictinMyanmarandAfghanistan,whichresultedinthelossoflives,deteriorationofhumanrightsandlossofsheltersandhinderaccesstobasicservices.Timor-Lestecallsuponallpartiesinvolved,tosolvetheirdivergencesthroughdialoguesandreconciliationtoreachapeacefulandpermanentsolutions
    10. imor-Lestecontinuestobegreatlyconcernedwiththeprolongedeconomic,commercialandfinancialembargothathasbeenimposedagainstCubaformorethansixdecadesandhascausedharshimpactinthelivesoftheCubanpeopleandthedevelopmentofthecountry,includingtheeffortsofCubaineffectivelycopingwiththeCOVID-19pandemic.Inthissense,Timor-Lestefirmlysupportstheliftingoftheembargoandopposesanyextra-territorialmeasures
    11. NationsConventionontheLawoftheSeaCompulsoryConciliationCommitteetoresolveitsmaritimeboundarydisputewithAustralia.


    12. Timor-Lesteisalsocommittedtoupholdinginternationallawandtheinternationalrules-basedorder,promotestheuseofpeacefulsettlementmechanismtosettledifferencesanddisputes.Inrelationtothis,Timor-Lestehasledbyexampleinutilizingforthefirsttimeever,theUnited
    13. Timor-LesteisfullycommittedtotheprincipleofmultilateralismenshrinedintheCharteroftheUnitedNations,suchasrespectforsovereignty,politicalindependence,territorialintegrityandnon-interferenceintheinternalaffairsofotherStates
    14. boveall,Timor-LestewishestoreiteratethatSDG16shallbethecatalystfordevelopment,giventhatpeace,justice,inclusionandstronginstitutionswouldcreatetheconditionsforeconomicgrowthandarethefoundationfordecentwork,healtheducationandprosperousnations
    15. egardsthegovernmentofTimor-Lestehascontributedasumof50,000thousandUSDtosupporttheSecretary-General’sefforts.


    16. Timor-LestewelcomesthereportandrecommendationsoftheSecretary-GeneraloftheUnitedNationsonOurCommonAgendatobestrespondtoourcurrentandfuturechallenges,inthis
    17. wearefarfromachievingthe2030Agendaforsustainabledevelopmentgoalswiththecurrentlowpaceofthedevelopment.TheLDCsarefurthestleftbehind,manyoftheLDCshavehighlevelsofexternaldependencyandexposureandlowlevelsofresiliencetorecoverfromsocioeconomicshocks,compoundedbyeffectsofclimatechangethathasmadeachievingtheSDGsevenmorechallenging
    18. Timor-LesteappreciatesthepreparatoryprocessundertakenandlooksforwardforaproductiveoutcomeofCOP26forgeneratinginternationalcooperationtoscaleupglobaleffortstofulfillingourobligationsundertheParisAgreementtoprotectourplanetforcurrentandfuturegenerationbasedoncommonbutdifferentiatedresponsibilities
    19. Timor-Lesteareoftenforcedtodealwithsevereclimateeventssuchasfloods,landslides,droughts,sealevelriseandglobalwarming,whicheventuallyundermineourexistenceandthreatenhumanityandhumanrights.
    20. Mycountrycontinuestoendorsevaccineasaglobalpublicgood,thatneedstobeaccessibletoeveryone,includingdevelopingandloweconomiccountriesandcountriesinspecialsituation.Theinternationalcommunitymustaddressthevaccinationgapsatlowincomecountrieswhoonlyvaccinate1.1%oftheirpopulations.Withoutequalaccesstovaccines,manycountries,includingTimor-Lestewillnotbeabletoprotectitscitizensandpeoplefromthevirus.
    21. itispertinentthatinternationalcooperationaddressesthesocioeconomicimpactofCOVID-19andfocusedonthemostdisadvantagedandvulnerablepeopleandcountries,especiallytheLeastDevelopingCountries(LDCs),SmallIslandsDevelopingStates(SIDS),LandlockedDevelopingStates(LLDCs)andcountriesinconflictandthoseemergingfromconflict,inordertoalleviatetheirstructuralchallengesthatarefurtherexacerbatedbythepandemic
    1. I also express our constant support to and solidarity withthe independent countries including Syria and Palestine and their peoples in their unyielding struggle to defend the national dignity, sovereignty and territorial integrity
    2. The DPRK delegation avails itself of this opportunity to extend its full support and encouragement to the Cuban government and people who continue to move forward holding aloft the bannerof socialism in the face of the U.S. moves to impose illegal sanctions and blockade and to undermine Cuba from within.
    3. Some UN member states try to unilaterally impose the western values and "rules based international order" upon sovereign states behind the signboard of "defending democracy" and "protecting human rights". Such an attempt to interfere in the internal affairs is a gross violation of the principle of sovereign equality.
    4. Next, for the UN to be a fair organization with practical ability, we should revitalize the work of the UN based on the principles of sovereign equality and respect for equalrights and self-determination of the people
    5. In order to prevent the high-handedness and arbitrariness of the UNSC, representation ofdevelopingcountries, which take up majority in the UN, should be increased.It is also imperative that the rules and procedures of the UN should be revised so that the resolutions adopted at the UNSC could be rejected by the UNGA resolution containing the will of the overwhelmingmajority of member states, when necessary.
    6. What comes as an urgent task here is to make the United Nations Security Council(UNSC) an impartialand responsible body which substantially contributes to maintaining the international peace and security, as explicitly stipulated in the UN Charter
    7. The Afghan crisis has claimed the lives of tens of thousands of innocent people and triggered the flow of millions of refugees as well as the collapse of the state and social system. This is a clear testimony to the tragic consequences caused by the open use of armed forces against a sovereign state, interference in their internal affairs and occupation of foreign troops.
    8. If the U.S. continues to commit such acts to threaten us as to provoking us to a quarrel more often than not and depending on the legacy of the cold war like the military alliance, it would really turn out to be unfavorable for them

      thinly veiled threat

    9. The U.S. has now twooptions. One is to contribute to the peace andstability of the Korean peninsula and the world by withdrawing the anachronistic hostile policy towards the DPRK in a bold and complete manner
    10. Annually, the U.S. spends astronomical amount of money amounting to more than US$ 700 billion on the development of ultra-supersonic weapons, long-range precision guided armaments, ICBM of a new generation, nuclear strategic bombers, all of which are bound to be used first against the DPRK in the future Korean war.
    11. On the earth, there is no country which is under constant threat of war like the DPRK, and so much strong is its people's desirefor peace. What we mean by the war deterrent is literally the righteous right to self-defense that can deter aggressive war and defend ourselves.As the whole world knows and as the U.S. is so much concerned, powerful offensive means are, of course, included in our war deterrent
    12. Not a single foreign troop, not a single foreign military base exists in the territory of the DPRK. But in south Korea, almost 30,000 U.S. troops are stationingat numerous military bases, maintaining a war posture to take military action against the DPRK at any moment.
    13. ntil now, no lessnumber of UN member states are not well aware of the fact that the issue of the Korean peninsula has its origin in the U.S. hostile policy on the DPRK. Worse still, they haveamisconception thatthe U.S. has become hostile towards the DPRK due to the nuclear issue.When it comes to the nuclear issue, it is not the DPRK's possession of nukes that the U.S. became hostile towards us.
    14. I want to believe that the achievements made by the DPRK in dealing with global health crisis and disastrous climate change will make a positive contribution to the efforts of the international community to recover from COVID-19 and build sustainablesocio-economic resilience.
    15. At the present time, it is the core policy of the DPRK government to cope with the global health crisis andclimate change with a foresighted plan
    16. It is no exaggeration to say that the international community is faced with the most serious crisis sincethe founding of the UN.This reality urgently requires all the UN member states to find a proper solution to the problems, while remaining more faithful than ever before to the UN Charter, international law and fundamental principles of international relations, pooling their political willand efforts and strengthening mutual cooperation
    1. Nepal commends the Secretary-General for bringing out a comprehensive report ‘Our Common Agenda’. We support the report’s focus on the agenda of action designed to accelerate the implementation of existing commitments.
    2. We want to see a more representative, inclusive, and transparent Security Council and a more revitalized General Assembly.Reforms must be inclusive and representative, accountable,and effective in its delivery.
    3. Nepal firmly believes in the indispensability of multilateralism with the United Nations as its centre
    4. Principles and purposes of the UN Charter, non-alignment, international law and norms of world peace form the basis of our foreign policy.
    5. As a member elected for the second term in UN Human Rights Council, we continue to add value through apolitical and impartial approach to human rights
    6. Nepal has chosen the democratic path to development. Democracy is about people and therefore democracy is indispensable for people’s welfare
    7. Despite not being a party to the Refugee Convention and its Protocol, Nepal has hosted thousands of refugeeson humanitarian principles.
    8. Nepal calls for concerted efforts to ensure the safety, security, dignity, and well-being of all migrant workers.
    9. Connectivity is lifeline for peace, progress, and prosperity. Connectivity forms a premise for enduring cooperation, deeper integration, building of trust and confidence among nations.Nepal attaches utmost priority to cooperation through connectivity and underlines the need to create a win-win situation between and among countries.
    10. WTO is not only about maintaining rules-based international trading order, it must also be a platform to enable the developing countries benefit from it with an enhanced level of international cooperation in the areas of aid for trade, technology transfer, and capacity building.
    11. Nepal calls for a reformed and more equitable international debt restructuringto address the debt crisis of low-income countries.
    12. The development potentials of South-South cooperation in terms of trade, investment and technology must be fully exploited.
    13. he development ofmulti-modal transport infrastructure and unhindered transit rights of landlocked nations are critical to their sustainable development.
    14. As both an LDC and LLDC, Nepal’s structural challenges are unique. We see our plan to graduate from the LDC category by 2026 as an opportunity to bring structural transformation and make the long-held national aspiration of graduation smooth, sustainable, and irreversible
    15. LDCs and LLDCs need reliable and sustainable financing, partnerships, and technology transfer to overcome their structural impedimentsto benefit from globalization.
    16. We attach high importance to the safety and security of UN peacekeepers and the need for adequate training, resources, and modern technologies. It is in this spirit that we endorsed the Declaration of Shared Commitments in support of the ‘Action for Peacekeeping’ initiative
    17. The Least developed countries (LDCs) are the most vulnerable group of countrieseven at the first quarter of the 21stcentury. They should be freed from the dehumanizing conditions of poverty and under development.
    18. The principle of common but differentiated responsibilities, equity and respective capabilities should be at the center of the climate agenda to ensure climate justice.
    19. Nepal is at the sharp end of climate change despite its negligible share in greenhouse gas emissions. On our part, we reiterate our commitment to delivering climate-resilient development pathways by 2030 and net-zero emissions by 2050.
    20. The mechanisms of disarmament as well as the measures of non-proliferation and confidence building have been stalled. Nepal calls for general and complete disarmament of all weapons of mass destruction in a time-bound and verifiable manner.
    21. There is a need of robust global cooperation to effectively implement the UN Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy, to combat and controlfinancing of terrorism, and to fight the organized trans-border crimes. This underlines the urgency for conclusion of a comprehensive convention against terrorism.
    22. In the Middle East, we reiterate our long-standing position and want to see peace and security with a two-state solution for Israeland Palestine living side by side within secure and recognized international borders
    23. We call on all concerned parties in Myanmar to respect the will of the people, restore the democratic and constitutional process, and uphold the fundamental rights and freedom of the Myanmar’s people.
    24. Weurge all parties involved to ensure peace, security, and stability so that the Afghan people can live in dignity and enjoy their fundamental rights and freedom.We also urge Afghanistan to engage with the international community on the basis ofthe principles of the UN Charter and norms of international law.
    25. We remain grateful to our immediate neighbours-India and China for their support in fighting the covid crisis. We also sincerely thank friendly countries, like United States, Britain, Japan and others for providing vaccines, critical medical equipment, and medicines in our fight against the pandemic
    26. Fairand equitable access to vaccines must be ensured for everyone, everywhere. People’s lives should come first.Vaccines must be declared as public goodsfor the benefitof people’s lives.
    27. The covid crisis has exacerbated pre-existing and perennial challenges such as poverty, hunger, unemployment, inequalities, and climate change. This has exposed systemic weaknesses, vulnerabilities,and inadequacies in health system around the world. Nowhereis this distinctly visible than in the most weak and vulnerable countries where people remain deprived of access to even basic civic amenities.
    1. Trinidad and Tobago remains deeply concerned that so little progress has been made in the longstanding Israeli-Palestinian conflict, which has led to extreme suffering on both sides. We urge both parties to respect and adhere to the temporary ceasefire, and to do nothing that would inflame the already tenuous situation. It is our hope that the parties will shortly resume the process of engagement to find a way forward that would guarantee the Palestinians a permanent homeland and recognize Israel’s right to exist in peace and security.
    2. The unjust designation of Cuba as a state sponsor of terrorism along withthe economic, commercial and financial embargo imposed against that country, undermine its ability to cope with the pervasive impacts of the pandemic and its potential to achieve sustainable development.
    3. he lack of meaningful progress on Security Council reform remains a matter of deep concern. Our commitment to instill new life into the intergovernmental negotiations should amount to more than mere rhetoric. It should serve as a clarion call to Member States to work collaboratively, in good faith, toward early reform of the Security Council to effectively respond to the urgent needs and challenges facing the diverse membership of the United Nations. A representative Council will add substantially to improving the effectiveness and credibility of our organization, as the leading international pillar for peace and security.
    4. his year’s High-Level Meeting on the Durban Declaration and Programme of Action takes on even greater significance with the recent establishment of the Permanent Forum on People of African Descent and the convening of the first Africa-CARICOM Summit a few weeks ago.
    5. , in building back better, women’s participation in all sectors of society must be at the heart of creating more inclusive, resilient and sustainable communities and societies; with enhanced preparedness to respond to future emergencies
    6. Trinidad and Tobago remains dedicated to ensuring our children and youth, including those in vulnerable situations, have the necessary opportunities, tools and a safe environment in order to reach their highest potential.
    7. However, the misuse of digital technology can pose serious threats to the economy, national security, governance, and social stability. Therefore, we must develop appropriate mechanisms to protect and secure the integrity of our economies and societies and to minimize its use as a disruptive tool.
    8. we are sparing no effort to provide the necessary support and the enabling environment to fosterdiversification, through substantial transformation in the creative sector as well as in manufacturing, finance, medicine, security, commerce, agriculture and renewable energy. Our newly established Ministry of Digital Transformation is leading these efforts to create a competitive digitally - driven economy that will stimulategreater opportunities for all of our people.
    9. Trinidad and Tobago remains unwavering in its commitment to the mandate and mission of the International Criminal Court, in the interest of banishing the worst forms of human rights abuses and violations from our civilization. We urge those States which are not yet members of the Court to subscribe to it in order to achieve universality.
    10. What most preoccupies us, is an evident tendency for the entrenchment of a culture of violence in our society; most disturbingly, the prevalence of domestic violence and violence against women and girls.
    11. As we reflect on the twentieth anniversary of the tragic events of September 11th in New York, we are reminded of our commitments to combat terrorism in all its forms and manifestations.
    12. We also recognize that the increasing incidence of violent crime domestically, bedevils our efforts toward achieving sustainable development and the maintenance of the rule of law. Much of this criminal activity derives from the operations of international criminal networks engaged in the illicit trafficking of small arms and increasingly sophisticated weaponry, illegal drugs, money laundering, human trafficking and piracy across our society.
    13. The international economic and financial system must be transformed to better support the most vulnerable countries.
    14. Yet we are told time and time again, that our categorisation as middle and high-income countries render us ineligible to access concessionary finance and development support. It is as if the international system, almost by design, perpetuates the conditions that stifle our hard-earned albeit fragile progress
    15. Our acute susceptibility to climate change stems from our inherently complex structural vulnerabilities as Small Island Developing States that trap us in a mire of compounding risks; sentencing us to a cyclical struggle of recovery, rebuilding and redevelopment.
    16. We hope that COP 26 will agree to complete the outstanding issues and to fully operationalise the Paris Agreement on a scale that will support cooperation on mitigation, adaptation and compliance.
    17. It is therefore Mr. President, our moral responsibility to ensure the full and effective implementation of the Paris Agreement through credible, concrete, enhanced commitments. The commitment made by developed countries to mobilize one hundred billion dollars annually to support mitigation and adaptation in developing countries must be met.
    18. In the meantime, as a result of diplomatic initiatives taken at the bilateral level, Trinidad and Tobago and other members of the Caribbean Community received donations of WHO-approved vaccines from several Governments. We also received supplies via the COVAX facility and from the African Medical Supplies Platform
    19. the heavy death toll has created new and complex social issues in our societies that require intervention by governments. We are of the firm belief that multilateralism is the only vehicle by which we can jointly save humanity, safeguard livelihoods, and reenergize our economies.
    1. Выступаем против размытия суверенитета государств-членов ООН и создания марионеточных участниковв виде неправительственных организаций,которые будут способны заглушить мнения самостоятельных государств.

      We oppose the erosion of the sovereignty of the UN member states and the creation of puppet participants in the form of non-governmental organizations that will be able to stifle the opinions of independent states.

    2. В последнее время под благовидным предлогом содействия повышению эффективности функционирования Генеральной Ассамблеи ООН наблюдаются деструктивные действия отдельных государств, направленные на произвольное толкование и пересмотр сложившегося уклада работы этого органа.Целенаправленная работа по так называемому«продвижению голосов гражданского общества» в Генеральной Ассамблеене является исключением. Рассматриваем эти действия как попытку придать неправительственным организациям (которые, к слову, созданы и выкормлены при поддержке отдельных заинтересованных стран) статус, идентичный суверенным государствам-членам ООН. Это категорически неприемлемо

      Recently, under the plausible pretext of promoting the effectiveness of the functioning of the UN General Assembly, destructive actions of individual states have been observed, aimed at arbitrary interpretation and revision of the existing structure of the work of this body. Purposeful work on the so-called "promotion of the voices of civil society" in the General Assembly is not an exception. We regard these actions as an attempt to give non-governmental organizations (which, by the way, were created and nurtured with the support of individual interested countries) a status identical to sovereign UN member states. This is totally unacceptable.

    3. ООН идет по путидальнейшейкоммерциализациисвоейповестки, все больше превращаясь в подобиезападной политики. ООН все больше думает,как Запад, попирая важные принципы солидарности и многосторонности.В контексте девизаООН «никого не оставить позади» Беларусь исходитиз императива соблюдения консенсуса и учета мнений каждого государства.

      The UN is following the path of further commercialization of its agenda, increasingly turning into a semblance of Western policy. The UN increasingly thinks like the West, trampling on important principles of solidarity and multilateralism. In the context of the UN motto “leave no one behind”, Belarus proceeds from the imperative of observing consensus and taking into account the views of each state.

    4. Уже сегодня в мире голодаетоколо одного миллиардачеловек, а из-за недальновидности кучки государств, которые применяют односторонние экономические ограничения против целых секторов экономики, занятых в продовольствии, без еды могут остаться еще многие сотни миллионовлюдей.Практика произвольных финансовых и экономических санкций в качестве инструмента политического давления должна быть навсегда искоренена.И это также должно быть однойиз сфер деятельности ООН

      Already today, about one billion people are starving in the world, and the short-sightedness of a handful of states that apply unilateral economic restrictions against entire sectors of the economy engaged in food may leave many hundreds of millions of people without food. The practice of arbitrary financial and economic sanctions as a tool of political pressure must be eradicated forever, and it must also be one of the areas of UN activity.

    5. применение односторонних ограничений грубейшим образом нарушает международное право и наносит непоправимый вред всей системе международных отношений, наращивает конфликтный потенциал и враждебность в межгосударственных отношениях.Беларусь выражает солидарность с другими странами, которые подверглись гнету санкционной политики. Мы поддерживаембратский народ Кубы,который уже столько лет находится в несправедливой экономической блокаде по волюнтаристской воле одного государства.

      ... the use of unilateral restrictions grossly violates international law and causes irreparable harm to the entire system of international relations, increases the potential for conflict and hostility in interstate relations. Belarus expresses solidarity with other countries that have been subjected to the yoke of the sanctions policy. We support the brotherly nation of Cuba, who have been in an unjust economic blockade for so many years by the voluntarist will of one state.

    6. Нельзя обойти вниманием еще одну тему, которая уже набила оскомину из-за спекуляций вокруг нее, –тему прав человека.Казалось бы, позитивная повестка для всех. Но сегодня правочеловеческая проблематика является не простоопасной игрушкой в руках неумелых и недальновидных политиков, онасталареальным оружиемпротив неугодных и непослушных стран

      One cannot ignore another topic that has already set the teeth on edge because of the speculations around it - the topic of human rights. It would seem that a positive agenda for everyone. But today human rights issues are not just a dangerous toy in the hands of inept and short-sighted politicians, they have become a real weapon against unwanted and disobedient countries.

    7. Беларусьвсегда былав авангардеусилий по борьбе с торговлей людьми,как на национальном, так и международном уровнях. В этом году Беларусь будет инициировать в Третьем комитете ГА ООН в широком соавторстве с государствами-единомышленниками традиционную резолюцию «Улучшение координации усилий по борьбе с торговлей людьми».Эта резолюция –ключевой элемент в спектре коллективных международных усилий, призванных содействовать стабильности в мире.

      Belarus has always been at the forefront of efforts to combat human trafficking, both nationally and internationally. This year Belarus will initiate in the Third Committee of the UN General Assembly in broad co-authorship with like-minded states the traditional resolution “Improving the coordination of efforts to combat human trafficking.” This resolution is a key element in the spectrum of collective international efforts designed to promote stability in the world.

    8. И не стóит в этом контексте перекладывать ответственность с больной головы на здоровую, обвиняя Беларусь в развязывании гибридной войны против Европейского Союза, как об этом врали с этой высокой трибуны лидеры Польши, Литвы, Латвии инекоторых других стран.Даже простому обывателю понятно:10-миллионная Беларусьобъективно не может вести не только «гибридную войну», но и никакую войнус 500-миллионным Евросоюзом, даже если бы у нее и были мускулы Арнольда Шварценэггера.

      And in this context, it is not worth shifting responsibility from a sore head to a healthy one, accusing Belarus of unleashing a hybrid war against the European Union, as the leaders of Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and some other countries lied about it from this high rostrum. Belarus is objectively unable to wage not only a "hybrid war", but also no war against the 500-million-strong European Union, even if it had the muscles of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

    9. Чтобы и далее демонизировать Беларусь, выставить ее источником напряженности в регионе и оправдать свои деструктивные действия в отношении нашего государства, Запад сфабриковалконфликтнуюситуациюс беженцами на западных границах Беларуси, забыв о своих международных обязательствах как в отношении нашей страны, так и в отношении стран происхождения беженцев.

      In order to further demonize Belarus, portray it as a source of tension in the region and justify its destructive actions against our state, the West fabricated a conflict situation with refugees on the western borders of Belarus, forgetting about its international obligations both in relation to our country and in relation to the countries of origin of refugees.

    10. Наша странабольше года продолжает оставаться мишенью воинственного давлениясо стороны коллективного Запада. И всё лишь потому,что в Беларуси не удалось реализовать отшлифованный до совершенства сценарий очередной«цветной революции», приуроченной к президентским выборам. Сегодня против Беларуси развязана масштабная гибридная война по всем направлениям.

      Our country has been the target of militant pressure from the collective West for more than a year. And all this is only because Belarus failed to implement the polished to perfection scenario of the next “flower revolution” timed to coincide with the presidential elections. Today a large-scale hybrid war has been unleashed against Belarus in all directions.

    11. Мы последовательно и решительно выступаем против любых попыток обелить нацистов и оправдать их чудовищные преступления.

      We consistently and resolutely oppose any attempt to whitewash the Nazis and justify their heinous crimes.

    12. Важно также думать и об экономическом компоненте нового порядка. К сожалению, экономическая глобализация не работает в интересах всех людей на планете. В связи с этим мы видим огромный потенциал региональных интеграционных процессов для глобальной экономики.Мы называем такойподход «интеграция интеграций».

      It is also important to think about the economic component of the new order. Unfortunately, economic globalization is not working in the best interests of all people on the planet. In this regard, we see a huge potential of regional integration processes for the global economy. We call this approach "integration of integrations"

    13. На протяжении последних лет Беларусь постоянно акцентирует внимание мирового сообщества на необходимости нового глобального диалога по безопасности. Этот вопрос не только созрел, он уже перезрел!Этот формат общения призван решитьглавное–создать новый эффективно функционирующий, действительно справедливый международныйпорядок. Мы призываем великие державыначать такой диалог, осознать свою ответственность за судьбу планетыи реализовать возлагаемую на них цивилизационную миссию

      Over the past years, Belarus has been constantly focusing the attention of the world community on the need for a new global dialogue on security. This issue is not only ripe, it is already overripe! This format of communication is designed to solve the main thing - to create a new effectively functioning, truly fair international order. We call on the great powers to start such a dialogue, to realize their responsibility for the fate of the planet and to fulfill the mission civilization entrusted them with.

    14. Мы в полной мере поддерживаем проходящий в рамках Всемирной организации здравоохранения процесс ее укрепления вреагировании на чрезвычайные ситуации в области здравоохранения. При этом отмечаем абсолютную важность недопущения политизацииэтой тематики, включаяизучение причинпроисхождения коронавируса.

      We fully support the World Health Organization's process to strengthen its response to health emergencies. At the same time, we note the absolute importance of preventing the politicization of this topic, including the study of the causes of the origin of the coronavirus.

    15. Негативная динамика в областиглобальной безопасности неослабно нарастает, в том числеза счет гибридных войн, злонамеренного и преступного использования современных информационных технологий, подпитывающих экстремизм и терроризм, и информационных фейков. Сегодняс помощью электронных гаджетов можно подорвать внутренний мир и спокойствие в любом государстве, а также отстранить от власти его руководство.

      The negative dynamics in the field of global security is growing steadily, including due to hybrid wars, malicious and criminal use of modern information technologies that fuel extremism and terrorism, and information fakes. Today, with the help of electronic gadgets, one can undermine the inner peace and tranquility in any state, as well as remove its leadership from power.

    16. Непрекращающиеся попытки отдельных стран навязать суверенным государствам искусственные шаблоны социального и экономического развития, варварская санкционная политика в отношении неугодных правительств, экономический терроризм и возврат мира к элементам блокового противостояния –все это имеет мало общего со справедливым и гармоничным мироустройством, к которому все мы стремимсяуже столько десятилетий.

      The incessant attempts of individual countries to impose artificial templates of social and economic development on sovereign states, barbaric sanctions policy against unwanted governments, economic terrorism and the return of the world to elements of bloc confrontation - all this has little to do with a just and harmonious world order, to which we all have been striving for so many decades.

    17. Все мы уже несколько десятилетий пребываем в затяжной и беспрецедентной глобальной турбулентности и непредсказуемости.Это закономерный итог того, что наша планета функционирует во многом внесистемы и обязательств, закрепленных в универсальных принципах международного права Уставом ООН.

      For several decades, all of us have been in a protracted and unprecedented global turbulence and unpredictability. This is a natural result of the fact that our planet functions in many respects outside the system and obligations enshrined in the universal principles of international law by the UN Charter.

    1. this Assembly must take responsibility and step forward in such situations, as it has done in the past. At times the General Assembly should also convene as a matter of course in each and every case when the security council action has been blocked by a veto.Liechtensteinwill pursue this idea with interested states as one concrete contribution to enhance accountability in the institutions of the United Nations. There are of course many more areas in urgentneed of reform,in particular the Security Council and Liechtensteinwill continue to make its independent voice heard where needed
    2. The ICCdeserves our full support and i am proud that Liechtensteinhas been a consistent advocate for the court since the very beginning. We will continue that important work for victims and survivors, for the rule of law and democracy, for the atrocities that the ICC's very existencehas deterred and will deter in the future
    3. people have a fundamental right to participate in decision making processes either directly or through free and fair election of their representation. This is the principal tenet of democracy that Liechtensteinwill defend against authoritarian tendencies and promote as a safeguard against the abuse of power
    4. Finance against slavery and trafficking, one of Liechtenstein’skey SDGprojects,places a strong emphasis on the social and corporate governance dimensionFASTis a public-private partnership.Embedded in the UNsystem places financial institutions as the heart of the fight against modern slavery and human trafficking in the areas of compliance, responsible investment, and financial innovation.
    5. Mr.president, climate action stands out among the sustainable development goals reflected in the 2030 Agenda, the biggest standard setting agreement of the United Nations in its recent history
    6. Theupcoming COP26 in Glasgow is the ultimate test for our collective resolve.I sincerely hope that we will be able to pass it together.
    7. We are heartened by the return to a comprehensive multilateralist approach evidenced by the enhanced support for the Paris climate agreement.
    8. The support for Covax,to which Liechtenstein has also made its contribution, has so farbeen not sufficientto bring about access to vaccine to all. This is not just an obligation vis-a-vis those who are in economically disadvantaged positions,but also in the investment we all need to make.
    9. We all know that we can only be successful if we work together solidarity is simply also a matter of self-interest, yet the pandemic has exacerbated existing inequalities both within and among societies. Women and children and those in economically weak positions have been hit hardest
    10. We pay tribute to all those who have worked bravely and with conviction towards a peaceful and safe future for the country, in particular the women and girls who have been fighting for the full enjoyment of whole human rights and fundamental freedoms. We call upon those who effectively exercise control to fully respect their rights and freedomsespecially therights to quality education and work,as well as freedom of movement.
    11. wish to address the plight of the people of Afghanistan given the immense humanitarian tragedy that has been unfolding in the country in the last few weeks
    12. We also look forward to an energized second term in office of the Secretary-General Gutierresin service of an inclusive, powerful,and effective multilateralism and Our Common Agenda. We should aspire to deliver on this basis by building the six bridges theSecretary-General has identified for all of us and the peoples of the world.
    1. From a group of 16, FOSS has grown to 108 members today, and will celebrate our 30th anniversary next year. 69. To mark this milestone, Singapore will launch a new “FOSS for Good” programme.70. It will commence in 2022 and will focus on priority areas such as digital transformation and COVID-19 recovery, tailored to the unique challenges faced by small countries
    2. The next step is to take action on these proposals, and Singapore willsupport efforts by the UN to advance our global conversation. So that together, we can make tangible progress on digital transformation for sustainable development.
    3. I have only touched on some of the issues we need to look at. There are other important issues outlined in the Secretary-General’s Roadmap for Digital Cooperation. The Common Agenda also lays out a way forward, on a global “digital technology track”.
    4. We can do much more to improve international data governance, to promote inter-operability, trust, and security when we transact in the digital environment
    5. There is already much work being done. But we need to give these efforts a stronger push, througheducation, training, and, improving digital skills and literacy across the board; investing in infrastructure, for universal and affordable internet connectivity; and expanding access to data and digital public goods, including open-source software and digital utilities.
    6. These can be building blocks in a larger global architecture.60. At the broader level, we need determined action to close the digital divide, not only within nations but also between nations.
    7. At the national level, Singapore is already building partnerships with many countries. 57. We have concluded Digital Economy Agreements with several partners.58. We co-lead the WTO Joint Statement Initiative on e-commerce with Japan and Australia, which now includes more than 80 member economies and comprise 90% of global trade
    8. s a small country, a vital node in the international digital network, Singapore has always advocated a global architecture that is open, inclusive, inter-operable, and multi-stakeholder
    9. There are many paths we can take: the Secretary-General’s proposal for a Global Digital Compact, or a new UN convention on digital transformation for sustainable development, or a framework of norms and principles.These options are part of the conversation that we need to have at the global level
    10. There are no ready answers. But we clearly need to have a conversation about a global framework to maximise the opportunities and deal with the challenges posed by digital transformation. 47. The goal is both simple and singular: how can we enhance multilateral cooperation to leverage digital technologies for sustainable development?
    11. Can we find ways to address the pandemic of misinformation, which has sometimes been arguably worse than the pandemic itself?
    12. There are many questions related to digital transformation. 43. How can we provide fair and secure access to digital data, so that data is not monopolised by the few, leaving the vast majority digitally disenfranchised? 44. How can we encourage a freer flow of data across the world, to promote innovation and inclusive sustainable development?
    13. To put it differently, if we do not close the digital divide, we will not achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. That is why digitalisation poses a global challenge that requires a concerted global response.
    14. Digital transformation is not just about new technologies and new hardware.39. Fundamentally, it is about improving livesand empowering people, especially the poorest and most vulnerable.It is about strengthening the resilience of our societies and economies.40. In a nutshell, digital transformation should be about sustainable development.
    15. The digital divide has prevented access to education, health care, and many other essential services to millions of people around the world.
    16. The digital revolution was well underway before COVID-19. But the pandemic has accelerated the pace and scaleof this revolution. 35. Digital technologies have empowered millions of people. But the gulf of opportunities between digital haves and digital have-nots has also widened.36. Today, 3.8 billion people remain digitally disconnected.
    17. The 40th anniversary of the adoption of UNCLOS next year is an opportunity to reaffirm our commitment to UNCLOS as the primary legal instrument for oceans governance, and do more to ensure its effective implementation.
    18. As a tiny island state at the confluence of key global shipping routes, heavily dependent on maritime trade, Singapore is an ardent advocate for the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea or UNCLOS.
    19. We are also committed to working with partners in new areas such as green finance and clean energy solutions.26. And we look forward to substantive outcomes at the upcoming UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) in Glasgow
    20. No country acting alone can move the needle. But if we work together, we can make a substantial impact. If we fail, the consequences will be calamitous for every country and for all humanity.

      Moving the needle again

    21. For small island nations like Singapore, climate change remains a clear and present danger.
    22. In the longer term, we need to take forward the recommendations of the G20 High Level Independent Panel to address major gaps in preparedness for future pandemics, strengthen multilateral support for the WHO and UN, and mobilise resources for our collective security –because no one is safe until everyone is safe
    23. Singapore is a strong supporter of vaccine multilateralism. We will continue to support the COVAX Facility, and will donate our vaccines under the COVAX initiative to other countries withgreater needs
    1. russia together with partners and allies supports strengthening a mutually reinforcing network of violences through developing into integrative processes withinthe cis e a eu csto and the sco the initiative of president vladimir putin to create a great eurasian partnership that should also engage asean the key actor defining the norms of behavior in asia pacific is also positive
    2. the efficiency of the global governments should be tuned to searching for a balance of interests the capacity of such an inclusive association as the g20 which brings together the old and the new dynamically developing global centers such as bricks and the like-minded others should be used to its maximum too
    3. it is vitally important not to cease efforts aimed at implementing the 2030 agenda for sustainabledevelopment we reckon that the decisions adopted at the recent un food systems summit will promote the achievement of the sdgs
    4. we support mutual recognition of vaccines that have been approved by national oversight bodie
    5. today the significance of humanitarian socio-economic and environmental dimensions of un work is burgeoning itis essential to avoid the temptation to turn these spheres into yet another arena for geopolitical games and unfair competition
    6. this is the objective of the updated russian concept of collective security in the persian gulf that has been recently circulated as a security council and general assembly document in the context of searching for ways to overcome regional crises we are ready to share russia's unique experience of peaceful coexistence of different civilizations religions and cultures
    7. in coordination with the league of arab states russia continues to contribute to the normalization of relations between iran and its arab neighbors together with our partners we see the soonest we seek the soonest possible resumption of a full implementation of the jcpoa unsettling the situation around the iranian nuclear programmea holistic approach is required to stabilize the entire region
    8. the processes underway in the middle east should not sideline the task of reaching a sustainable palestinian-israeli settlement within the university recognized international legal framework providing for the creation of an independent and viable palestinian state co-existing in peace with israel we advocate for the re-launch of direct negotiations between israelis and palestinians for galvanizing the role of the quartet of international mediators