1. Last 7 days
    1. Let us restore hope and belief in the UN, by restoring hope and belief in ourselves and in international solidarity. Let us rebuild trust in one another by bridging the inequality gaps within and between nations, reducing marginalisation, eradicating racism, xenophobia and all other forms of discrimination, and instilling tolerance among our peoples
    2. We must more than ever renew our commitment to multilateralism and reinforce the functions of United Nations. Let us be guided by the UN Charter as we move together to rebuild a greener world, leaving no one, particularly the most vulnerable, behind.
    3. In the light of the upcoming COP26, Seychelles calls on the international community, particularly the larger emitters and economies of the G20, to increase their Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) to a level that meets, if not surpasses the requirements of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report and averts the global catastrophe that threatens all of us
    4. We are morally obligated to those who have lost their lives to the calamitous climate and biodiversity crises. We are accountable to those who face constant existential threats. And we owe it to future generations to find lasting solutions to protect this planet
    5. Furthermore, SIDS continue to be disproportionatelyaffected by what can be best termed as environmental injustice as a result of climate change. We are the least responsible for it, yet we pay the heaviest tribute
    6. Lack of effective and appropriate global support for SIDS will have systemic consequences on our progress on practically all Sustainable Development Goals
    7. he application of the Vulnerability Index, therefore, remains for us, the only coherent andviable approach and strategy to resolving our current predicament.
    8. It is imperative that we work together to build consensus and cohesion in respect of the plight of those facing threats of an existential nature, most notably SIDS.Our vulnerabilities are well known and they need not be expounded on here. What needs to bestressed, however, is that a “one-size-fits-all” approach to debt relief and concessionary financial flows is
    9. Our efforts should also tackle economic imbalances and inequalities. In this regard, Seychelles urges the international community to assist the world’s most vulnerable economies in enhancing their resilience to future shocks
    10. COVAX, striving as it is against all odds, can fulfilits mandate only if pledges and commitments made by the richest nations are honoured and not used as short-term leverage in one form and another
    11. There is a virus far more terrible, far more harrowing than COVID19.It is the virus of inequality! And while the pandemic rages on and the debate continues unabated, and travel advisories of all shades and hues are being issued, humanity is the first casualty
    12. Central to global recovery is the availability and distribution of vaccines. Central to the health and well-being of every human being is solidarity. Statements, good intentions and pledges are woefully inadequate.
    13. In recalling our commitments to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and related treaties, let us remind ourselves that the most vulnerable people –those living in dire conditions and facing seemingly insurmountable crises –require special attention and help
    14. As we enterthe second year of the UN decade of action, it is imperative that we, as a community of nations, take deliberate, collaborative and decisive actions to guarantee a future that leaves no one behind
    1. FoodSecurityisindeedasharedpriorityacrossallSIDS,andremainsapriorityundertheSAMOAPathway,aswellastheKiribatiVisionfor20YearsPlan
    2. WeneedtorecommitourselvestoourobligationsundertheParisAgreement,byputtingtheneedsofourpeoplesfirst,andremainguidedbywhatisbestforourpeople.Globalissuesofbiodiversityandclimatechangearecloselylinked,andwecannotad-dressonewithouttheother.Kiribatiiscommittedtoraisingambitionsforthepost-2020globalbiodiversityandclimatechangetargetsandIcalluponleaderstojoinKiribatitoenhancecollectiveeffortsonthisimportantglobalissue.
    3. Inrecognitionofourcommitmentsonbiodiversityandsustainablefisheries,Kiribatiwasappointedthe2019CommonwealthBlueCharterchampionforsustainablecoastalfish-eries.
    4. Ofvitalimportanceissecuringthelimitsofourmaritimeboundariesagainstthethreatsofsea-levelriseandclimatechange.Kiribatibelievesthatoncedelimitationofourmaritimeboundaryiscom-pletedandsubmittedtotheUNSecretary-GeneralinaccordancewithUNCLOS,maritimeboundarieswouldremainpermanentandshallnotbeaffectedbyclimatechangeandsea-levelrise
    5. IacknowledgethesupportreceivedfromtheUnitedNationsanditsagenciesandfromourdevelopmentpartnersduringthispandemicwhichhavebeentrulyinstrumentalinprovidingvitalnecessitiesintermsofmedication,foodandhealthequipmenttonamebutafew.
    6. TheGovernmentprioritizestheimprovementofourdigitalconnectivity,asdigitaltradeholdsgreatpotentialforinclusivegrowthandso-cio-economicdevelopment
    7. ToensurethatsustainabledevelopmentinKiribati,isinclusive,transformative,anden-duresto“leavenoonebehind”,myGovernmentisworkingtirelesslytoreduceinequalitiesandmobilizetargetedsupporttomarginalizedcommunities.
    8. Therefore,asweembarkonthis76thSessionofourGeneralAssembly,Imustindulgeyou,Mr.President,torecallourcommitmentsunderourUNCharter,tobuildasafe,peacefulandsecurehomeforourpeoples,todayandinthefuture.
    9. Muchfocusleadinguptothe76thUNGAhasbeengeneratedonacceleratingprogressonUN2030sustainabledevelopmentagenda.Yetintheonsetofunprecedentedchallenges,arenewedfocusonachievingtheSDGshasbeencenteredaroundrecoveryandbuildingresilience,asreflectedinourthemethisyear.
    1. Lesréseauxsociauxontégalementétélethéâtredecampagnesdedésinformation.Unsubtiléquilibreresteàtrouverentre,d’unepart,ladésinformation,lediscoursdehaine,lesthéoriescomplotisteset,d’autrepart,lerespectdeslibertésfondamentales.Ilfautaussinouspenchersurl’impactenvironnementaldecesnouvellestechnologies,fortementconsommatricesd’énergie.

      'Social networks have also been the scene of disinformation campaigns. A fine balance remains to be found between, on the one hand, disinformation, hate speech, conspiracy theories and, on the other hand, respect for fundamental freedoms. We must also look at the environmental impact of these new technologies, which consume a lot of energy.'

    2. Ilya3ansjelançaisleprogrammeExtendedMonaco,pourbâtirleMonacodedemain,plusécologiqueetmieuxconnecté.Jenem’attendaispasàêtreconfortédansmadécisionaussirapidement.Mieuxpréparée,laPrincipautéasumaintenirl’activitééconomique,sesservicessociaux,éducatifsetculturels,mêmeauplusfortdelacrise.Pouryparvenir,nousnoussommesdotésd’uncadrelégislatifadéquat,d’infrastructuresperformantesetd’unehauteprotectiondesdonnées.Maislecyberespaceappelleàlavigilancedetous.Aveclacrisesanitaire,lescyber-attaquescontredesinfrastructurescivilessesontmultipliées,portantatteinteauxprincipesfondamentauxdudroitinternationalhumanitaire.

      Three years ago, I launched the Extended Monaco program, to build the Monaco of tomorrow, which is greener and better connected. I didn't expect to be comforted in my decision so quickly. Better prepared, the Principality has been able to maintain economic activity, its social, educational and cultural services, even at the height of the crisis. To achieve this, we have equipped ourselves with an adequate legislative framework, efficient infrastructures and high data protection. But cyberspace calls for everyone's vigilance. With the health crisis, cyber-attacks against civilian infrastructure have multiplied, undermining the fundamental principles of international humanitarian law.

    3. MonsieurlePrésident,lemondededemainseraunmondetoujoursplusconnecté.LapandémiedelaCOVID-19aprouvéàquelpointlatechnologiepeutserévélerindispensable.Elleamodifiélesstratégiesdesentreprises,leshabitudesdesconsommateursetlesaccèsàcertainsservicespublicscommelasantéoul’enseignementscolaire.Ainsilaréductiondelafracturenumériqueapparaitcommeuneprioritéalorsque3milliardsdepersonnesn’ontpasaccèsàl’internet.MonsieurleSecrétairegénéral,votre«feuillederoutepourlacoopérationnumérique»pointedudoigtlesdéfisessentielsàreleverdanscedomaine.

      Mr. President, the world of tomorrow will be an increasingly connected world. The COVID-19 pandemic has proven just how essential technology can be. It has changed business strategies, consumer habits and access to certain public services such as health and school education. Thus, reducing the digital divide appears to be a priority when 3 billion people do not have access to the internet. Mr. Secretary-General, your “Roadmap for Digital Cooperation” points to the essential challenges to be taken up in this area.

    1. Azerbaijan is building new cities and towns from the scratch by applying the modern urban planning and utilizing the concepts of "smart city" and "smart village".
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    1. NotwithstandingthestructuralconstraintstodevelopmentfacedbyLDCs,UgandahasregisteredprogressinimplementingtheIstanbulProgrammeofAction,inparticular,nationalpavedroadnetworkincreased;accessibilitytoelectricityandinnovationsaswellastheuseofmobiletechnologyforfinancialtransactionsincreased
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    1. InthesameveinMr.President,inaccordancewiththeresolutionsunanimouslyadoptedbythisaugustAssembly,wecallforanendoftheeconomic,commercialandfinancialembargobytheUnitedStatesagainstCuba.ThepeopleofCubadeservetopursuethedevelopmentalaspirationsandattaineconomicfreedom

      Call to end sanctions against Cuba

    2. Givenourrenewableresourcessuchassolar,windaswellastheocean,Namibiahasdecidedtoprioritizethedevelopmentofgreenandblueeconomies.Furthermore,wearealsowellpositionedthroughourrecentmembershiptotheHigh-LevelPanelonOceanSustainability,todesignandchampionasustainable“blueeconomy”,whichwillgrowoureconomicbaseandcreatethemuch-neededjobs,whilealsotacklingclimatechange

      Focus on green and blue economies

    3. Itisapitythatwehaveasituationwhereinsomecountries,citizensareatthestageofreceivingboostershotswhileinothercountries,manyarestillwaitingtoreceivetheirfirstdosesofvaccines.Letusbearinmindthat,“Nooneissafeunlessweareallsafe.”

      Echoes what other countries have been saying (booster shots vs no vaccines; no one safe until all safe)

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    1. t seems that the world is at a crossroad: We can either choose further isolationism and erosion of trust, tolerating the increase of xenophobia, nationalism and right-wing ideas, ignoring the alarming warnings about the state of the environment, and silently accepting increase of inequality in all fields; or we canmake a breakthrough to have amore secure and better future for all and take the path of the “common agenda” –“for people, for the planet, for prosperity and for peace” as the Secretary General Guterres said. Itwouldmeanopting for the future that willbe based on the highest values of equality and justice, responsibilityand solidarity,and not on the retrograde ideologies, selfishness and cheep populism.

      Echoing the reference to crossroads in SG's Common Agenda report

    2. further lagging behind in the development of this European region, butalso opens the space for restoration of destructive theories that claim that, due to the fact that it is lagging behind, this region cannot live as a multi-ethnic and multi-confessional community and that its statescannot befunctional. They want to impute this constructed thesis to Bosnia and Herzegovina in particular, but also to smaller countries in the region, tomake an alibi for restoration of greater-state nationalisticprojects that in the 1990s led to thewar in Western Balkans with almost 150000 deaths. Our determination to fight these retrograde and dangerous ideas has not waveredand therefore today, from this place, Montenegro is warningof the renewed danger that Western Balkanswill be destabilized,and the horizons of its European prospects reduced

      On the conflict in Western Balkans. Montenegro is critical of efforts to delay integration with Europe (it's a 'natural' setting)

    3. We are witnessing the growingclimate and environmental crisis. Recently in Geneva, the High Commissioner for Human Rights presented very concerning findings about global human rights situation in the context of the environment. Climate change, pollution and loss of biodiversity will constitute by far the most serious challenge for human rights in our era, said the High Commissionaire. In that,she clearly recognized human activity as one of the factorsand the lack of proper activitiesas another. Full implementation of 2030 Agenda and Paris Climate Agreement are crucial for better recovery from the pandemic and preparation of the world for future systemic shocks. That is why it is particularly important that in preparations for the Summit and Conference in Glasgow in November this year, all countries mobilise an additional level of ambition for achieving long-term goals for reducing global warming. Although its share in the global emissions is tiny, in December 2020 Montenegro additionally increased its climate ambition,confirming thus the strong and persistent commitment to adequate treatment of climate challenges. We expect that further activitieson the national level will open the space for new and more ambitious breakthroughs. That is why it is exceptionally important to integrate the components of action thatwill be based on human rights, both when new climate ambitions are set, and when new global biodiversity framework is defined

      Climate change: Montenegro has tiny global emissions, but contributing to tackling climate change

    4. It is in such a light that we should also observethe obvious deterioration of security and humanitarian situation, while we arepreparing for potentially new and stronger wave of migrantsthat will undoubtedly have regional and global repercussions. We appeal for a global response to the refugee and migrant crisis. We have to share responsibility, as we envisaged in the global agreements for refugees and migrants. We mustcooperate in seeking the solutions and help equally to countries of receptionand countries of origin. Montenegro is the only of the republics of former Yugoslavia that did not have war in its territory during the conflicts in 1990s. At that timeMontenegro accepted more than 100 000 refugees and displaced persons, which wasmore than 20% of our entire

      Concern over the potential rise in migration. Responsibility should be shared; response should be global

    5. Due to the obvious deterioration of the overall international security atmosphere, modernization of armedsystems, as well as due to the collapse of some of the most important strategic instruments in this field, international architecture for disarmament, non-proliferation and control of arms are under a significant pressure. That is something that Montenegro, as a responsible UNand NATO member,wants to drawyourattention to. Support to implementation and strengthening and to further development of multilateral agreements in the field of disarmament, non-proliferation and control of arms mustbe imperativesfor all of us

      Concerned with disarmament efforts

    6. The process of strengtheningmultilateral approachshould come together with our work on the strengthening of cooperation in the digital sphere, particularly

      Digital policy: need to strengthen cooperation

    7. That mission will require efficient and strengthenedmultilateralism, with the rhetoricthat withdraws,giving room todeeds. To overcome the existing geostrategic divisions and dysfunctional international relations we will need a new worldview within our states and a renewed global agreement between the states. Post pandemic recovery and revitalized multilateralism mustbe based on fair globalization, respect for human rights and dignity of all, environment protection and responsible attitude to nature,andresults that will be measured by humaneparameters,and not only by economic ones. We should not strivefor peace which would benothing else,buta mere absence of warand we should not strive fordevelopment only for the sake of profits. We should strive for peace and progress that will be built on achieving the highest democratic standards and quality of life for all–equally for current and future generations

      We need a renewed global agreement between states (vague)

    1. Micronesia has been taking many steps to strengthen the rule of law in our country. We are seeking to pass legislation on cybercrimes, we will be joining the International Police Organization (INTERPOL), and we have committed to tackling illegal, unregulated, and unreported fishing in our waters in cooperation with organizations like the Forum Fisheries Agency and the Micronesian Presidents Summit.

      Legislation on cybercrimes

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    1. We are particularly concerned with the changes in institutional order that are occurring frequently through the use of military force in African countries, as these unconstitutional acts have not spurred an appropriate and sufficient reaction from the international community in orderto discourage such acts, which are reprehensible in every aspect, as we have seen in Mali and, more recently, in Guinee

      Calling for action (sanctions?) over situation in Mali and Guinea.

    2. For this reason, the COVID-19 vaccine must be recognized as a good for all humanity, with universal and open access to allow for wider production and equitable distribution on a global scale

      Call for vaccines to be treated as a public good (not exact words)

    3. 5It is shocking to see the disparity between some nations and others with respect to availability of vaccines. These disparities allow for third doses to be given, in some cases, while, in other cases, as in Africa, the vast majority of the population has not even received the first dose

      Disparity in the distribution of vaccines

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    1. Vivimosenunmundointerconectado,globalizadoyconlatecnologíapararesolverfácilmentetodos estos problemas, pero sin la mínima voluntad para hacerlo.

      'We live in a world that is interconnected, globalized and with the technology to easily solve all these problems, but without the slightest will to do it.'

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    1. ButwemustequallynotwaiverinourdeterminationtodeliverthelongoutstandingreformoftheSecurityCouncil.Letusriseaboveourdifferencessothatwedonotleavethisunfinishedbusinessasaburdenofthefuturegeneration.Wemustachievethereformsduringourlifetime.

      UN SC reform

    2. Mr.President,AsIhavealreadyalluded,revitalizationandstrengtheningtheworkof,andcoordinationamongthePrincipalOrgansofUnitedNations(i.e.,GeneralAssembly,theEconomicandSocialCouncil,theSecurityCouncilandtheSecretariat)aswellasimprovingtheirworkingmethodsremainscrucial.Itisimportantthatweensurethatthischiefdeliberative,policymakingandrepresentativeOrganbecomestrue,universal"parliamentofnations"

      Stronger UN

    3. futuregenerations

      mentioned quite a few times!

    4. Botswanacallsforanaggressivedialogueonclimatechangeandforaction-orientedsolutionsincludingeffective,efficientearlywarningsystemsanddisasterriskmanagementstrategiesandstrengthenedcollaborativeeffortsbetweentheUnitedNationsandregionalandSub-regionalentitiestoalsoenhancepredictiveanalyticsanddata

      On climate change: call for efficient early warning systems and risk management strategies

    5. Firstly,Governmentisfullycommittedto"SaveBotswana'spopulationfromCOVID-19"throughhealthprogrammesthatincludevaccination.Secondly,wearereformingthepublicservicetoensureeffectiveimplementationofGovernmentpolicies.Thirdly,weareaccelerating"Digitalization"inthedeliveryofservicesbyGovernment,andcreatingenablingconditionsfortheactiveinvolvementoftheprivatesectorandsocietyintheuptakeandutilisationofdigitaltechnologies.22.Ourfourthpriorityis"Value-ChainDevelopment":thisentailsunlockingmorevalueinkeysectorssuchasmining,tourism,agricultureandeducationbywayoftheinnovationand

      Botswana's 5 policy priorities, called the Reset Agenda:

      • Covid recover
      • reforming public service
      • e-gvoernance & digital tech
      • value-chain development
      • mind-set change towards ownership by the people
    6. Letusacceptthattheprevailingvaccineinequityistherealproblemandareflectionoftheinherentweaknessesofourmultilateralsystem

      Vaccine problems are a result of a weak multilateral system

    7. itisforthisreasonthatBotswanasharesthefrustrationbymanyandstronglysupportsthecallforthevaccinestobetreatedasaglobalpublicgood,asthisiskeytorecoveryandrebuildingbetterfromtheCOVID-19pandemic.

      Call for vaccines to be a global public good

    8. Giventhatsciencehasdeliveredthevaccines,nowitistimeforworldleaders,guidedbytheidealsoftheUNCharter,toensurethatthislife-savingresourceisdistributedequitably

      Call for equitable distribution of vaccines

    1. Por otra parte, no puedo dejar de destacar que lastimosamente la brecha digital persiste y el rápido progreso de las tecnologías digitales y el comercio electrónico se ha convertido en un instrumento que puede ayudar en la recuperación económica. Sin embargo, la brecha digital impide que estos beneficios se compartan equitativamente. Y cuando sucede esto, las tecnologías digitales y el comercio electrónico se convierten en instrumentos para consolidar ese injusto orden mundial.

      'On the other hand, I cannot fail to emphasize that unfortunately the digital divide persists and the rapid progress of digital technologies and electronic commerce has become an instrument that can help in economic recovery. However, the digital divide prevents these benefits from being shared equitably. And when this happens, digital technologies and electronic commerce become instruments to consolidate this unjust world order.'

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    1. I wish to take note of the Secretary General’s Report on “Our Common Agenda” which raises key issue of our common concern such as gender equality, climate change and youth development.
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    1. Mr.President, it is against this background of ambition for my countrythat my governmentembraces the vision set out in the Secretary-General’s report entitled, “Our Common Agenda”.We embrace his view that our nations must be driven by solidaritythat he has so eloquently described as “the principle of working together, recognizing that we are bound to each other and that no community or country, however powerful, can solve its challenges alone”.

      Guyana's diverse background is why it welcomes the UN SG's report on Our Common Agenda

    2. people transported from Africa in the genocidal slave trade, people from India who were indentured to labour in a new land, people from Europewho migrated at a time of want and persecution, and people from China who were also brought to work on the plantations

      Guyana's people all come from troubled regions or troubled backgrounds

    3. Mr.President, the strained relations between the United States and Cubaare also a matter of deep concern to our region.We are convinced that normalization of relations between Cuba and the United States would have a beneficial impact onpeace in the hemisphere and greater prosperity for all

      Guyana wants US' relations with Cuba to improve

    4. Just recently, an agreement was issued in Mexico City by which the contending internal factions in Venezuela renewed a baseless claim to two-thirds of Guyana’s territory. We have responded in clear terms.And I repeat our response now in these hallowed halls in which nations of the world meet in peace and cooperation.Guyana cannot be used as an altar of sacrifice for the settlement of Venezuela’s internal political differences. While my governmentwelcomes efforts to bring about domestic harmony within Venezuela, agreements that defy international law and processes can be no basis for mediating such harmony.Guyana does not promote the use of violence or threats to settle disputes. In a 1966 Agreement signed in Geneva, Venezuela consented to allow the UN Secretary-General to decide on the means of settlement of this controversy. The Secretary-Generaldecided on the International Court of Justice. Both Parties are therefore bound by the Court’s jurisdiction and ultimate decision

      On Guyana's troubles with Venezuela

    5. The peoples of the world will be watching.

      Will be watching what the worst emitters will do during COP 26

    6. Yet, our countries are among the lowest emitters of greenhouse gas emissions, contributing the least to the harmful and destructive effects of Climate Change.This is not only unfair; it is unjust

      Unjust for small countries to bear the brunt of climate change, when they are the lowest emitters of emissions

    7. Mr President, we hold out similar hope that the world’s worst emitters of greenhouse gases that are threatening the welfare of all mankind, will also come to the realization that in the end it will profit them little to emerge king over a world of dust

      Again, heavy language (king over a world of dust) for rich countries

    8. Belatedly, the rich have come to the realization thaton our one Earth,they need the cooperation of the poor to save themselves

      Strong criticism towards developed countries

    9. My government restates its call for increased resources to be made available to States on the basis oftheir vulnerabilities and not only based on the misleading measure of per capita income.

      This is important for definitions of 'developing' and 'small states'. Development is typically assessed via GDP; smallness via population. Guyana is saying, look also at a country's vulernabilities

    10. But such recovery will be painfully elongated and slow unless there is international support in the form of debt rescheduling, debt service moratoriums, provision of soft resources to reboot economies

      Covid-19 has stalled progress on SDGs. Countries need debt rescheduling, debt service moratoriums, and soft resources to reboot their economies

    1. Concurrent with achieving equitable geographical representation in the UN we must also address the question of gender parity.Yesterday,we marked the 20thanniversary of the adoption of the Durban Declaration and Programme of Action at the World Conference against Racism in South Africa.Thisremains the international community’s blueprint for action to fight racism and other forms of intolerance.We are bound by a common responsibility to fight both the legacy of past racism and the manifestation in the present

      Calls for gender equality, and action to fight racism

    2. This year marks 12 years since the start of the Inter-Governmental Negotiations process and 16 years since the World Summit of 2005, where world leadersunanimously agreed on early reform of the Security Council

      South Africa calls for text-based negotiations on UNSC reform

    3. The right of the Palestinian people to self-determination has been raised in this General Assembly for almost as long as this body has been in existence.We raise it again today, not because we are bound by practice to do so, but because we resolutely believe that there shall be no peace and no justice until the Palestinian people are free from occupation and are able to exercise the rights for which this United Nations stands.We have a responsibility, as the nations of the world, to spare no effort in finding a just, lasting and peaceful solution based on internationally agreed parameters enshrined in the relevant UN resolutions. Wereiterate our position that the people of Western Sahara have the right to self-determination in line with the relevant African Uniondecisions and UN Security Council resolutions. South Africa further affirms its solidarity with the Cuban people and calls for the lifting of the economic embargo that has caused untold damage to the country’s economy and people

      Self-determination for Palestine, Western Sahara, and Cuba

    4. That is whyweseek to enhance the relationship between the UN and the African Union in maintaining peace, financing peacebuilding efforts, and advancing post-conflict reconstruction and development

      Link between UN and African Union needs to be enhanced

    5. COP26must therefore launch a formal programme of work on the implementation of the Global Goal on Adaptation

      South Africa calls for a formal programme on implementation of the Global Goal on Adaptation during COP 26

    6. Check Against Delivery 3In this respect, the G20 Debt Standstill Initiative is a welcome response to the fiscal and liquidity challenges faced byleast developed economies. Theagreement on the allocation of $650 billion in Special Drawing Rights is significant, but it is insufficient to meet the extent of the need.South Africathereforereiterates its call for 25% of the total allocation, amounting to around$162 billion, to be made available to the African continent.

      Investment to help developing countries achieve SDGs is significant, but there needs to be dedicated help for African countries

    7. South Africa reaffirms its call for fair and equitable distribution of vaccines. We urge all member states to support the proposal for a temporary waiver of certain provisions of the Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights to allow more countries, particularly low-and middle-incomecountries, to produce COVID-19 vaccines.In thisinterconnected world, no country is safe until everycountryis safe

      South Africa calls for equitable distribution of vaccines, and temporary waiver of IPR

    1. The United Nations cannot ignorethe lessons learned inAfghanistan. It took two decades of occupation,a toll of thousands of deadly casualties, 10 million displaced and billions of dollars in costs –which turn into profits forthe military-industrial complex–to reach the conclusion that terrorism cannot be prevented or fought with bombs; that occupation only leads to destruction and that no country has the right to impose its will on sovereign nations. Afghanistan is not an isolated case. It became obvious that wherever the United States intervenes, instability, death and hardships increase, leaving behind long-lasting scars.
    2. We call for an end to foreign interference in the internal affairs of theRepublic of Belarus and reiterate our solidarity with President Alexander Lukashenko and the brother people of Belarus.
    3. We reject the attempts to expand NATO’s presence up to the Russian borders; the interference in Russia’s affairs with regard to its sovereignty and the imposition of unilateral and unjust sanctions against that country.
    4. We reiterate our unshakable support to the “one China” principle and oppose any attempt to harm the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the People’s Republic of China, as well as anyinterference in its internal affairs.
    5. We strongly condemn the unilateral and unjust sanctions against the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.
    6. We condemn the unilateral coercive measures imposed against the Islamic Republic of Iran.
    7. We call for a just, comprehensive, all-encompassing and lasting solution to the Middle East conflict, which includes the end of the Israeli occupation of the usurped Palestinian territories and the exercise of the inalienable right of the Palestinian people to build its own State within the pre-1967 bordersand with East Jerusalemas its capital.
    8. We reiterate our commitment to peace in Colombia. We are convinced that a political solution and a dialogue between the parties is the appropriate way to achieve it.
    9. We also call for an end toforeigninterference in Syria and full respect for its sovereignty and territorial integrity, while we support the search for a peaceful and negotiated solution to the situation imposed on that sister nation.
    10. We stand in solidarity with the Republic of Argentina in its just claim for its sovereign rights over the Malvinas, South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands and the surrounding maritime areas.
    11. We reaffirm that the brother people of Puerto Rico should be free and independent aftermore than a century of submission to colonial dominance.
    12. We support the Caribbean nations’ claim for fairreparations for the horrors caused byslavery and slave trade. We likewise support their right to a just, special and differentiated treatment, which is indispensable to meet the challenges resulting from climate change, natural disasters, the unjust international financial system and the difficult conditions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

      The Caribbean

    13. We ratify our firm support to the brother people of Nicaragua and its National Reconciliation and Unity Government, led by Commander Daniel Ortega, who are courageously and proudly defending the achievements attained against the threats and interventionist actions of the US government.
    14. We are opposed to every attempt to destabilize and subvert the constitutional order and the civic and military unityand destroy the work that was initiated by Commander Hugo Chávez Frías and continued by President Nicolás Maduro Moros in favor of the Venezuelan people. We reiterate that the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela will always be able to count on Cuba’s solidarity.
    15. We also take pride in the Cuban scientific community which, despite huge scarcities,created three vaccines and two candidate vaccines against the COVID-19 pandemic. They represent the realization of the ideaexpressed by Commander in Chief of the Cuban Revolutionin 1960, who asserted that the future of our homeland must necessarily be a future of men and women of science.
    16. At the same time, in response to the requests received and guided by itsprofound fraternal and humanistic vocation, Cuba has sent more than 4 900 cooperation workers, organized into 57 medical brigades, to 40 countries and territories affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.Our dedicated health workers have not had a minute of rest in the struggle against the pandemicinside and outside Cuba.
    17. For more than 60 years, the US government has not ceased for a single minute in its attacks against Cuba. However, at this crucial and challenging moment for all nations, its aggressiveness exceeds all limits. The most cruel and longest-lasting economic, commercial and financial blockade ever applied against any nation, has been opportunistically and criminally tightened during thepandemic;and the current democratic administration maintains unchanged the 243 coercive measures adopted by the Donald Trump administration, including Cuba’s inclusion in the spurious and immoral list of countries allegedly sponsoring terrorismIt is inthis context that an Unconventional War is launched against our country,to which the US Government has allocated, in a public and notorious manner,millionsthrough manipulationcampaignsand lies, with the use of the new information technologies and other digital platforms, in order to portray, internally and externally,an absolutely false image of the Cuban reality, sowconfusion, destabilize and discredit the country and vindicate the ‘change of regime’doctrine.They have done everything to erase the Cuban Revolution from the political map to the world. They accept no alternatives to the model they conceive for their own backyard. Their plan is perverse and incompatible (as) withthe democracy and freedom they advocate.But our enemies must be clear that we will not give away theHomeland and the Revolution that several generations of patriots bequeathed to us by standing their ground. Today I would like to reiterate before the respectable and real community of nations that every year votes almost unanimously against the blockade, what Army General Raúl Castro expressed some years ago: “...Cuba is not afraid of lies, nor does it give in to pressures, conditions or impositions, wherever these may come from...”

      Economic blockade of Cuba

    18. In short, today we are witnessing the implementation of unacceptable political practices in the international context that go against the universal commitment to uphold the Charter of the United Nations, including the sovereign right to self-determination. Independent and sovereign states are being driven under multiple pressures to force them to subordinate to the will of Washington and to an order based on its capricious rules.
    19. In the midstof this bleak prospect, Covid-19 vaccines have emerged asa hope. In August of 2021, more than 5 billion doses had been administered globally; however, more than 80 per cent of them were appliedin middle or high income countries, even when they account for much less than one half of the world’s population. Hundreds of millions of persons in low-income countries are still waiting to receive their first dose and cannot even estimate when orif they will ever receive it.At the sametime, it is hard to believe thatthe world’s military budget in the year 2020 amounted to almost 2 trillion USD. How many lives would have been saved should those resources had been invested in health or the manufacturing and distribution of vaccines?
    20. It is widely believed that the sustainable development goal of eradicating poverty by 2030, by which date the global poverty rate is projected to be 7 percent, or around 600 million people, is already seriously compromised.
    21. More than 4.5 million people have diedbecause of the pandemic, which has worsened the living conditions in this planet. Its sequels andimpact on societies today areincalculable, but it is already known that they will not be ephemeral.It has been so pointed out by the “2021 Sustainable Development Goals Report”, while according to the International Labor Organization forecasts, there will be 205 million people unemployed in the world by 2022.
    22. We are living uncertain times.Under the demolishing impact of a pandemic that has worsened structural inequities and the global crisis, the role of multilateralism and the United Nations becomes ever more important.And international cooperation has been insufficient.The implementation of neo-liberal formulas for decades has been reducing States’ capabilitiesto meet the needs of their populations. The most vulnerable have been left unprotected, while rich nations, the elites andthepharmaceutical transnational corporations have continued toprofit.Not only it is urgent that we unite our wills and pool our efforts for the wellbeing of humanity.It is morally imperative
    1. U.S.-EU Trade and Te chnology Council InauguralJoint State me ntSe pte mbe r 29, 2021Pitts burgh, Pe nns ylvania

      Leaked draft of the TTC outlining cooperation steps in tech between US and EU. France wants to postpone the meeting for a month (submarine issue), Germany and others insist on 29 September. Touches on most of the issues, except for the data transfers, which was requested to be left out by the EU. ||Jovan|| ||StephanieBP|| ||Katarina_An|| ||NatasaPerucica||||AndrijanaG||||VladaR||

    2. Climate and Cle an Te ch: Give n the gre at importance of te chnology to addre s s e nvironme ntal challe nge s and conne cte d market opportunitie s , the Climate and Clean Tech working group is tasked to identify opportunities to support transatlantic trade and investment in low-and zero-carbon technologies, products and services, including collaboration in third countries , research and innovation and to engage in dialogue on the policies and framework conditions needed to promote wide deployment of these technologies and to jointly explore the methodologies, tools, and technologies for calculating embedded GHG emissions in global trade including methodologies for calculating the net environmental impact of digitally enabled solutions

      For KAS

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    1. i su Java apletima obećavali jednostavnu distribuciju malih programčića koji dozvoljavaju pristup kriptografskim uređajima (pametnim karticama i tokenima) koji će raditi u s

      Dusan testira novi tag

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    1. to blow out the candles of a world on fire.

      An interesting 'circular metaphore'

    2. I hope that COP 26 will be a 16thbirthday for humanity in which we choose to grow up,

      back to birthday

    3. We are awesome in our power to change thingsand awesome in our power to save ourselves,and in the next 40 days we must choose what kind of awesome we are going to be.

      Back to progress and hope

    4. Sophocles is often quoted as saying that there are many terrifying things in the world, but none is more terrifying than man,and it is certainly true that we are uniquely capable of our own destruction, and the destruction of everything around us.But what Sophocles actually said was that man is deinosand that means not just scary but awesome -and he was right.

      It is interesting but too academic for political speech.

    5. We have the technology:we have the choice before us.

      It is techno-naivity. Can you reduce choice only to technology

    6. to using AI and robotics to enhance food production.

      mentioning of digital

    7. It was the UK government that set the strike price for the private sector to come in and transform our country into the Saudi Arabia of wind,and only yesterday the UK’s first sovereign green bond raised £10 billion on the markets,from hard-headed investors who want to make money.And these investments will not only help the countries of the world to tackle climate change:they will produce millions and millions of high wage, high skill jobs,and today’s workforce and the next generation will have the extra satisfaction of knowing that they are not only doing something useful-such as providing clean energy -but helping to save the planet at the same time.And every day green start-ups are producing new ideas,from feeding seaweed to cows to restrain their traditional signs of digestive approval

      Private-public partnership

    8. to leverage in the private sector,because it is the trillions of dollars of private sector cash that will enable developing nations –and the whole world –to make the changesnecessary.

      Private-public partnership

    9. And that’s why two years ago I committed that the UK would provide £11.6 billion to help the rest of the world to tackle climate changeand in spite of all the pressures on finances caused by Covid, we have kept that promise to the letter.And I am so pleased and encouraged by some of the pledges we have heard here at UNGA,including from Denmark, and now a very substantial commitment from the US that brings us within touching distance of the $100 billion pledge.

      Climate and development assistance

    10. the crucial Kunming summit in China

      What is this summit about?

    11. we need to restore the natural balance,we need to halt and reverse the loss of trees and biodiversity by 2030,and that is why we in the UK are committed to beautifying the landscape,

      Relevance of nature

    12. But the market in EVs in the UK is now growing at an extraordinary pace -maybe two thirds every year -and Nissan is sufficiently confident to invest £1 billion in a new EV factory and a gigafactory for the batteries. And that is because we have set a hard deadline for the sale of new hydrocarbon ICEs of 2030and again we call on the world to come together to drive this market so that by 2040there are only zero emission vehicles on sale anywhere in the world.And you can make these cuts in pollution while driving jobs and growth:

      linking economy and climate change

    13. o Boreas Johnson

      Use of humour

    14. When I was a kid we produced almost 80 per cent of our electricity from coal;that is now down to two per cent or lessand will be gone altogether by 2024.We have put in great forests of beautiful wind turbines on the drowned prairies of Doggerland beneath the North Sea.In factwe produce so much offshore wind that I am thinking of changing my name to Boreas Johnson in honour of the North Wind.And I know that we are ambitious in asking the developing world to end the use of coal power by 2040and for the developed world to do so by 2030,but the experience of the UK shows that it can be doneand I thank President Xi for what he has done to end China’s international financing of coal and I hope China will now go further and phase out the domestic use of coal as well
    15. is that the way to fix the problem is through science and innovation
    16. 6adding to the budget of carbon in the atmosphere,no longer thickening that invisible quilt that is warming the planet,and it is fantastic that we now have countries representing 70 per cent of the world’s GDP committed to this objective.But if we are to stave off these hikes in temperature we must go further and faster –we need all countries to step up andcommit to very substantial reductions by 2030 -and I passionately believe that we can do it by making commitments in four areas –coal, cars, cash and trees.I am not one of those environmentalists who takes a moral pleasure in excoriating humanity for its excess.I don’t see the green movement as a pretext for a wholesale assault on capitalism.
    17. And we are not talking about stopping the rise in temperatures -it is alas too late for that -but to restrain that growth, as I say, to 1.5 degrees.And that means we need to pledge collectively to achieve carbon neutrality –net zero –by the middle of the century.And that will be an amazing momentif we can do itbecause it will mean that for the first time in centuries humanity is no longer
    18. And our grandchildren will know that we are the culpritsand that we were warnedand they will know that it was this generation that came centre stageto speak and act on behalf of posterityand that we missed our cueand they will ask what kind of people we were to be so selfish and so short sighted.
    19. And if we keep on the current track then the temperatures will go up by 2.7 degrees or more by the end of the century.And never mind what that will do to the ice floes:we will see desertification, drought, crop failure, and mass movements of humanity on a scale not seen before,not because of some unforeseen natural event or disasterbut because of us,because of what we are doing now.
    20. already baked in –baked is the word.

      Nice play with words

    21. Even in this feckless youth we have harnessed clean energy from wind and wave and sun.

      Temporal aspect - we knew things in the past

    22. We must limit the rise in temperatures –whose appalling effects were visible even this summer –to 1.5 degrees.We must come together in a collective coming of age. We must show we have the maturity and wisdom to act. And we can.Even in this feckless youth we have harnessed clean energy from wind and wave and sun.We have released energy from within the atom itselfand from hydrogen, and we have found ways to store that energy in increasingly capacious batteries and even in molten salt.We have the tools for a green industrial revolution


    23. And that is why the Glasgow COP26 summit is the turning point for humanity.

      Turning to the UK's priority

    24. It is time for us to listen to the warnings of the scientists –and look at Covid, if you want an example of gloomy scientists being proved right –
    25. My friends the adolescence of humanity is coming to an end.
    26. We still cling with part of our minds to the infantile belief that the world was made for our gratification and pleasure and we combine this narcissism with an assumption of our own immortality.

      Discuss 'chrono-narcism'


    27. We have come to that fateful age when we know roughly how to drive and we know howto unlock the drinks cabinet and to engage in all sorts of activity that is not only potentially embarrassing but also terminal.

      Does anyone understand what he wanted to say here?


    28. If you imagine that million years as the lifespan of an individual human being –about eighty years –then we are now sweet 16.

      always good for communication. We need to use it more. If history of humanity is one hour, our life span is a few seconds.

    29. Of our allotted lifespan of a million, humanity has been around for about 200,000.

      minam@diplomacy.edu to be linked to history walk.

    1. economists are still reeling from the economic impact of the pandemic african governmentshave already spent scarce reserves fighting the pandemic and providing social protection tomillions of affected households ghana has been advocating that innovative financing mustalso address structural challenges beyond responding to immediate fiscal needs byproviding mechanisms to facilitate investments in health infrastructure technology theenvironment and people that will bolster resilience and equitable recovery the imf'sunprecedented 650 billion dollar
    2. we need to strengthen the funding of the existingglobal health organizations this must include a greater more predictable base of multilateralfunding for who and regional centers of disease controls which play the central roles inglobal health security

      increase the funding of the existing health organisations

    3. there is no question but that if the famous gathering in sanfrancisco was to take place today it would be a significantly different united nations charterthat would be written in much the same way a world bank or imf or who that is born todaywould be radically different institutions from those that were set up after the world war asmany of the countries in today's world especially in africa and the caribbean were notpresent in san francisco

      if written today, the UN Charter would be significantly different

    4. even before the pandemicoutbreak many have concluded that the current structure of global economic cooperationdesigned some 77 years ago has proven inadequate to finance infrastructure and economictransformation in developing countries given the incapacity of the global financial system toproduce the necessary outcomes to finance sustainable development
    5. president the last time there was such anupheaval in the world was during the second world war which led to the establishment of anew world order this organization the united nations and the other bretton woods institutionswere created to maintain its international peace and security helped rebuild the shatteredpost-war economy and promote global economic cooperation

      UN history and purpose

    6. in our collective fight against thepandemic in a continent suffering the worst brunt of vaccine nationalism

      vaccine nationalism

    7. african economies which contracted by 2.1percent in 2020 are yet to return to pre-pandemic levels more than 30 million africans fellinto extreme poverty in 2020 and nearly 40 million could do so in 2021. the social impact hasbeen devastating over 103 million african jobs have been lost women who account for 40percent of total employment have been most hard hit
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