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  1. Sep 2021
    1. Ilya3ansjelançaisleprogrammeExtendedMonaco,pourbâtirleMonacodedemain,plusécologiqueetmieuxconnecté.Jenem’attendaispasàêtreconfortédansmadécisionaussirapidement.Mieuxpréparée,laPrincipautéasumaintenirl’activitééconomique,sesservicessociaux,éducatifsetculturels,mêmeauplusfortdelacrise.Pouryparvenir,nousnoussommesdotésd’uncadrelégislatifadéquat,d’infrastructuresperformantesetd’unehauteprotectiondesdonnées.Maislecyberespaceappelleàlavigilancedetous.Aveclacrisesanitaire,lescyber-attaquescontredesinfrastructurescivilessesontmultipliées,portantatteinteauxprincipesfondamentauxdudroitinternationalhumanitaire.

      Three years ago, I launched the Extended Monaco program, to build the Monaco of tomorrow, which is greener and better connected. I didn't expect to be comforted in my decision so quickly. Better prepared, the Principality has been able to maintain economic activity, its social, educational and cultural services, even at the height of the crisis. To achieve this, we have equipped ourselves with an adequate legislative framework, efficient infrastructures and high data protection. But cyberspace calls for everyone's vigilance. With the health crisis, cyber-attacks against civilian infrastructure have multiplied, undermining the fundamental principles of international humanitarian law.

    1. To maximize our collective response, we must buildresilience. We have to enhance the security of our supply chains, the critical infrastructure, the energy networks, as well as our preparedness for pandemics and natural disasters.
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