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  1. Nov 2020
    1. Can we find voting patterns. It will be interesting to follow voting around UN GGE and OEWG.

      Let us also make update to our process page about thes changes.


    2. two competing draft resolutions, tabled in previous sessions to each establish a group to study the best ways to keep the Internet safe.  The Committee approved one on advancing responsible State behaviour in cyberspace in the context of international security, sponsored by the United States, by a recorded vote of 153 in favour to 11 against, with 9 abstentions.  By its terms, the General Assembly would, among other things, welcome the productive and ongoing work of the Group of Governmental Experts. The Committee then approved a draft resolution on developments in the field of information and telecommunications, sponsored by the Russian Federation, by a recorded vote of 104 in favour to 50 against, with 20 abstentions, pertaining to the work of the Open‑Ended Working Group on the issue.

      It looks like the First Committee approved both US and Russian way forward. The split between GGE and OEWG is here to stay. ||VladaR||||Jovan||||StephanieBP||

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